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Blood glucose meter accuracy

When you check your blood sugar, it's easy to assume that the meter will give you an accurate result. However, a meter's accuracy depends upon a lot of factors.

Roche, the maker of Accu-Chek products, believes that you deserve a reliable meter and a test result you can act upon with confidence. That's why ensuring quality and accuracy has always been our top priority.

In an average week, our quality control process tests a combined total of over 60,000 Accu-Chek test strips for consistent accuracy.1

In addition, strict manufacturing processes ensure that our products meet uncompromising standards of quality. For example:

  • For every lot of Accu-Chek test strips, containing millions of strips, one out of every 128 vials is tested for consistency of performance.
  • Vials representative of the entire lot are tested a second time, with blood at a variety of glucose levels, to reflect a real-world environment.
  • To ensure that all strips we release to the market meet our high quality standards, investigation and additional testing are performed should a test strip sample show a reading outside specific ranges.

Rest assured that Accu-Chek blood glucose monitoring systems provide reliable results you can trust.

1Data on file. Based on average weekly strip production of approximately 80M and includes a combination of testing test strips for accuracy and precision standards.


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